Our Team


Carolynn Rose Delong

- Owner and CEO


Carolynn is the Owner and CEO of Accounting Solutions, Inc., a full-service tax and accounting firm.

She is a registered tax professional with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Accounting, Bachelor of Sciences degree in Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Master of Accounting, and is a registered tax return preparer with the IRS.  Carolynn lives in Rocky Point, NC with her husband, and their three children.  When not at work, Carolynn enjoys traveling, the beach, and spending time with her family.


Jackie Whitmarsh

- Senior Accountant / Payroll Specialist - Hampstead Director


Jackie has been with Accounting Solutions for 5 years (since 2016). She enjoys building relationships with her existing clients. She hopes to with potential new clients as a Team Leader in Accounting. Jackie is from Smithtown, NY and now has lived in Hampstead, NC, for the last 24 years. Jackie has been married to her husband Matt for 27 years. They have to boys now young men and a teenage daughter. When not working she enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren outdoors at the beach.  She also loves camping with family and friends.


Julianna Carone

- Lead Accountant - Wilmington Director 


Julianna has been with Accounting Solution for over 4 years now. With a background in running offices in multiple, small businesses.  She is very comfortable with, bookkeeping, payroll, budgeting, and profit maximization. In her off time, she enjoys going to the beach, hiking, and spending time with her dog Duke  


Ashley Peoples

- Tax Preparer / Accountant

Live in Surf City, NC, with her husband and two daughters. Ashley has been apart of the Accounting Solutions Family for 7 years. She loves working on new projects and learning new trades. When not working she enjoys the "island life" with her family.  

Michelle Crisco 
Office Administrator 


Rest easy knowing that Accounting Solutions has your back. We care about our community and would like the opportunity to help alleviate some of the stress that goes with organizing your finances. With locations in Hampstead and Wilmington as well as servicing all surrounding Counties. We assist in maintaining your livelihood to be both reliable and convenient. Let us help you stay in control of both your business and personal finances.


At Accounting Solutions we have a lot to offer you including:

Business and Personal Tax Preparation (Federal & All States) Mid-year tax planning to help you or your business stay ahead Quarterly estimated tax vouchers Notary Services CPA on staff New Business Set up Payroll Services


Here at Accounting Solutions, Inc., we are committed to providing you with quality, dependable, and personalized financial services.  Our vast experience in accounting, tax preparation, and payroll-related services will give you "peace of mind" and take the guesswork out of meeting your fiscal requirements. We use the latest accounting technologies, including top of the line tax software which provides the option for electronic filing, thus providing us the capability to get you your tax refunds quickly and easily.


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide you with the financial common sense required in today's economy while assisting you in achieving your future monetary goals. We communicate openly and professionally with you to reach an understanding of your needs and desires.  We are extremely dedicated to maintaining high standards of excellence and professionalism in our field.


Our Firm


We offer a remarkable range of talents and expertise, varying from routine business services to complex financial and accounting, tax and payroll related issues. Our talented staff is proficient in all fields of accounting, tax preparation, and tax advice.  It is our goal to always provide immediate customer service and accurate up-to-date reporting, as you require.