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Tax Return Preparation



We specialize in the preparation of individual, business (corporation, S corporation, and partnership), trust, and estate tax returns. We work hard to reduce your taxes based on current tax law. By communicating and getting an understanding of you and your goals, we then use our knowledge and research to assist in tax reduction and tax planning.



We like to sit with our clients or have a phone conversation to review the past year and ask questions based on the information provided. Then we talk about the current and upcoming year to help us prepare your return and provide useful information and ideas. Our team will then prepare your return and stay in contact, asking questions and giving updates.

Tax Planning



Whether you are looking for tax deductions or trying to determine if making a sale is the right move–it is important to look at your tax situation and think about possible deductions during the year and not after the year has closed. The sooner we can review what you would like to accomplish, the better we can plan.




Communication is key in tax planning.  We discuss your goals or what your situation or possible upcoming situation will be. After our meeting, we review, research, and prepare a tax projection based on different scenarios.  As we review the scenarios with you, we take your feedback and make additional changes as needed.

IRS and State Issues


If you receive a letter from the IRS in the mail, it isn’t a welcoming feeling. We review and interpret the letter for you. We then develop a plan and communicate with the IRS on your behalf to resolve the issue. During the process, we will keep in contact with you to give you updates on the status.


Along with the IRS, the state will send letters related to income and payroll tax. You can even receive letters from the county relating to property tax. They are problems that require analysis and problem-solving. We are here for you every step of the way to explain and remediate the issue.

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